Steve Lehrman,

 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

License #110274

Helping people work through their issues of anger, depression, anxiety and shame.

What is Psychotherapy?

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Get Unstuck!

        We human beings sometimes find ourselves "stuck"-- in our relationships, in our feelings, in our depression, in our anxiety. "Why do I keep feeling this way?" "Why do I keep doing that?" "Why do I hurt, and feel hurt by, people I love?"
It can feel frustrating and overwhelming in this demanding, screen-filled world. It can feel like a physical burden we're carrying around, the pain and shame and sadness. We can find ourselves feeling thwarted, unfulfilled, and isolated. Wondering whatever happened to our hopeful selves.
Well, you can grow and change. And leave that "stuck" place.

I am humbled and gratified to be in the presence of clients who find my empathy, curiosity, and intelligence to be helpful resources as they grow and learn to move forward in their lives. Individuals, couples, children, teens; we're all capable of change and growth.

My education, training, and experience have taught me that, to my surprise and delight, change is possible. And hope is available. In a safe environment, with an empathetic and supportive therapist, you can change your life, and change your experience of your life.

Yes, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are shaped by our past experiences; by our physical and emotional responses to the world around us. But when you gain awareness and insight into how your life works, how your mind works, and what your patterns are, you can create a life that is more fulfilling, that is more "you."

You come in. We form a therapeutic alliance. The journey of discovery can take some time, and it can be painful. But it also can be joyful, comforting, freeing, and empowering. And surprisingly, sometimes there is laughter. Always with your well-being in mind.

I look forward to meeting you and to helping you do the work that can change your life.

Depression and Anxiety

      You might feel overwhelmed by your situation and/or your feelings.  I welcome the opportunity for us to access emotional resources you may already have to join in a quest for a more hopeful life for you. 

Couples Counseling

So often, couples come in, knowing that they love each other, and wondering why they are not getting to enjoy being together.  You might even feel "dug in" in your position.  It is inspiring to see how couples change their process, and get "more of the good stuff", a fuller and richer experience of each other, through counseling.


I love to work with children.  I'd love to claim access to some great wisdom, but usually, I learn more from children than they learn from me!  What is important to me is the newfound confidence and joy that they develop through our work and play together.

Psychotherapist providing psychotherapy via telehealth, from my West Los Angeles location, for clients throughout California.

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I look forward to working with you.