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Individual Therapy

  "My dear friend, your head's been sinking like a stone.

You must try thinking like a cloud sometime.

Just leave a happy side out loud sometime.

There's a symphony inside you, there's a thousand things for you to do, so come on."

--"Music" by James Taylor

I do not suggest that therapy is easy. But I do think James Taylor captures the spirit of change, of a mood lifting. And I do believe that your own resources, be they music, loved ones, intelligence, resilience, curiosity, whatever parts help you see value in yourself, are powerful tools toward your growth and well-being, part of that "symphony inside you." 

Couples Counseling


So often, couples come in, knowing that they love each other, and wondering why they are not getting to enjoy being together. You might even feel "dug in" in your position. It is inspiring to see how couples change their process, and get "more of the good stuff", a fuller and richer experience of each other, through counseling.

Counseling for Adolescents


I love to work with children and adolescents. Often, I learn more from children than they learn from me. What is important to me is the newfound confidence, joy, and sense of self that they develop through our work together.